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New Mexico

People's Anti-Cruelty Association/Albuquerque Animal Rescue. PACA
was founded in 1973 as a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organization

Rio Rancho Animal Control Center
Rio Rancho, New Mexico, just outside Albuquerque

Albuquerque Animal Rescue
Has a special focus on fostering and encouraging adoptions of senior dogs.

Las Vegas, NM -- The Animal Support Center/PAWS Las Vegas is a refuge for homeless pets in Northern New Mexico and a community resource for pet guardians. Animals taken in by TASC/PAWS are cared for until placed into new homes. Located at 1822 7th St. in Las Vegas, NM and on the web at Telephone: 505-454-0221. E-mail:

New Mexico/Hugs for Homeless Animals/Shelters & Rescue List

New Mexico Lap Dog Rescue
Marie Steele, who runs Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico, says, "One of our specialties is caring for the older, less-adoptable canines, who take your heart and breath away when you look into their eyes."

Albuquerque Dog Links
Providing Albuquerque residents and visitors to the city with everything they need to enjoy Albuquerque with their best friend. The site does not have a "rescue" or "adoption" focus, but could help establish contacts in the rescue community.

Santa Fe, New Mexico - Bridging the Worlds Animal Sanctuary Efforts of this group are focused on dogs, who live safe and free while they recover physical health and emotional harmony. All are spayed or neutered, receive appropriate veterinary care, and excellent nutrition. No cages, no chains. "Bridging the Worlds" refers to a path that bridges the human and animal realms. A path to human/animal relationships of mutual respect, true communication, and mutual aid. Everyone who has ever loved an animal has crossed that bridge.


If you would like to add your Animal Rescue or Animal Shelter please email:


Anti-Fur Protest Videos

Click for Peta anti-fur protest videoClick for Last Chance for Animals anti-fur protest video

2 videos - Peta and Last Chance for Animals

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